Wyre Forest Community Land Trust – Aims & Objectives


Local areas are collectively shaped and organised for the benefit of the local residents by the local community with a view to improving life experiences, sustainability and access to key community assets.

Local residents should take an active role / proactive lead in shaping and forming the communities they live within and the requirements of their local community assets.


Wyre Forest CLT is established as a Community Benefit Society with Charitable Aims.

We aim to:

Work together with the community to design, develop and manage genuinely affordable and attainable homes, plus other building types and assets important to the local communities (examples of these are community pubs, post offices, vegetable plots, workspaces).

Work alongside housing providers, self-builders and local community organisations, to enrich our local environment.

Meet a local housing need.

Provide long-term community benefit.


Establish an organisation of like-minded individuals for the express purpose of furthering our social, economic and environmental interests.

Enhance our environment and community by supporting community led facilities and assets.

Design, build and manage genuinely affordable homes, eco homes, community commercial spaces / workshops.

Acquire land and community assets to protect and enhance our local communities, open green spaces and wildlife.

Relieve financial hardship through the provision of local genuinely affordable / attainable homes with low environmental impact and low running costs.

Provide, improve, promote and champion the maintenance of public amenities and green spaces.

Ensure assets that become available to the CLT are acquired for the benefit of the local community.

Ensure profits are re-invested to enhance the local community in line with local needs.

Advance education and vocational training and the creation of education and employment opportunities by providing workspace, buildings and/or land for use on favourable terms.